How to Earn Money by Creating YouTube Shorts Video

Hello friends, in this post of ours today I will tell you people how to earn money by making YouTube Shorts Videos? Friends, if you people also want to earn money online, then you can easily earn with the help of YouTube Shorts.

Because friends, the biggest platform in the world is Youtube and now YouTube has also launched one of its Shorts Platform. So friends, let’s know how to earn money from YouTube Shorts Videos? Let’s know!

What is YouTube Shorts?

Friends, if you people have also played Tiktok or have ever seen any other short video like Instagram Reels, then friends, you can make YouTube Shorts Video just like you guys and then you can also make money by making videos. You can earn Friends, everyone would know about TikTok. But friends, ever since TikTok has been banned, other platforms have also started their short video feature for all the people.

Friends, everyone knows that you can earn money from YouTube, but friends, now you can also earn money from YouTube Shorts. Friends, just like Normal Video, you can earn money by making YouTube Shorts, but in this you have to turn on Monetize your YouTube Video. Friends, if you people must have already put your video on YouTube, then you must know that how much hard work it takes to make the video and then edit that video and then upload it.

But friends, if we talk about YouTube Shorts, then you can make it very easily. Because friends, you also get a feature in YouTube Shorts, in which you can also record and add music to it and you can also add text to the video and then you can increase the speed of your video or else. You can do less.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts Video?

Friends, now we will know how to upload our YouTube Shorts Video. Friends, to get all this information, you must read this article of mine carefully. Let’s know!

  • Friends, first of all you have to open your YouTube App.
  • Then after that you will see a ( + ) icon at the bottom, you have to click on it.
  • Then after that you have to make a video, then you can select the option with Camera or if you have kept the video, then you can select that video by clicking on the gallery option.
  • Then after that on the right side you will get to see the option of Music, click on it and add music to it.
  • Friends, if you people want to write text in it, then you can write it too. Then after that the button of Next will be seen in the upper side corner, you will have to click on it.
  • Then after that, after writing the title of the video, then after writing #Shorts in the last, you have to upload that video.

How YouTube Shorts Works?

Friends, let me tell you that YouTube Shorts is also exactly like TikTok and Reels. Because in this also you will get Music Library and there is an Aspect Ratio 9:16 to make the video and then after making the video you can also put some # tags in it. With the help of which your video can also be helped to become viral.

How is YouTube Shorts Monetized?

Friends, let me tell you that if you guys want to monetize YouTube Shorts, then you should not use any other’s video, you should use Music Library only, the size of your video should be from approx. to 9:16. After that, the duration of your video should be from 15 seconds to about 1 minute. Friends, for monetization in this, you need 1k Subscriber and 4k (4000 Hours) Watch Time.

How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts Without Monetization?

Friends, recently YouTube Shorts had to say that if you guys go viral on any YouTube Shorts Video, then you can also get 100 -10000 Dollar Bonus. But friends, its Criteria has not been decided yet.

But friends, you can expect about 1 Million Views. Friends, in this, you do not even need Subscriber and Watch Time for Monetization. You can earn money in this without monetization.

Important Information about Copyright

Friends, let us tell you that if you use someone else’s content, then only your copyright will come. So friends, if you want to avoid copyright, then do not use outside audio for that. To avoid that, you take your audio from YouTube Library itself. Friends, if you take someone’s video and upload it without any changes, then the copyright of you people will be lost.

So friends, to avoid this, it is very important for you to make changes in the video. Friends, the best way for you people would be that if you make your own content, YouTube promotes similar videos as well.

In which country can you earn money from YouTube Shorts?

Friends, let me tell you that only people from these countries i.e. India, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, United Kingdom, South Africa and United States can earn money from YouTube Shorts.

What is the age to take Youtube Shorts Bonus?

Friends, let us tell you that in order to take the bonus, it is necessary for all the creators to be around 13 to 18 years of age. Friends, if their age is less than 18, then their parents can take bonus through guardian.

How to get YouTube Shorts Bonus?

Friends, to get the bonus for you people, first you have to create your account in google adsense and if you already have it, then you can link it and take your bonus and friends if your age was less than 18. If yes, then you can take payment through AdSense in the name of your parents or guardian.


Friends, in today’s article, we learned how to earn money from YouTube Shorts Videos? If you liked this article, then share it with your friends also and if you have any question or suggestion related to this article then you can ask us in the comment box below. If you like the articles of then you can also subscribe to our blog.

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